Carmina in minima re

A Project of Cultural Resistance by Means of Poetry

The process of paralysis to which culture is forced in a number of countries as the result of budget cuts ordered by governments produces lots of victims: more and more bookshops have to shut down, many publishers have difficulties in launching new books, as they can only afford to publish classical authors, reprints or books recommended for schools; also, theatres and cinemas are being shut down. Likewise, plastic and visual arts suffer because of budget cuts. Culture seems to face a slow death, to which the ever lower purchasing power of citizens contribute.

In view of this grave situation, we the people who love culture and for years have worked for spreading it cannot stay without doing anything. There is little use of grumbling over the reality and manifesting against it. The political and economic power is accustomed to turn a deaf ear to everything that is not profitable or does not fit ideological or guild interests.

Conscious of the above-said, I decided to take up a project of realistic cultural resistance, compatible with my resources and uniting the will of others: the launch of a collection of small bilingual chapbooks of poetry which could contribute to the circulation of poetry and, at the same time, to the creation of a tiny positive Babel by means of linguistic exchange through translations to and from other languages, always having present at least one of the languages of the Spanish state: poetry should not have frontiers, either political or linguistic.  

Each chapbook is made of 16 pages: this allows the inclusion of seven poems with their translations into another language.

For obvious reasons, the poems should not exceed a certain format: up to 30 verses (besides the title) and each line not exceeding 60 beats (or letters, blank spaces between words included). Very short poems (less than 8 verses) should be avoided, there will be one, at the most, in each chapbook. No poem may be longer than one page.

Of these small chapbooks few copies are printed, so that they would preserve their rarity and sentimental value. The author receives 8 copies of it, while the rest of the copies will be distributed among those who make a subscription of the series, paying for it a modest symbolic sum.

In the present blog all published chapbooks are reproduced, while gradually more are added, for their spread over internet.

All poets and poetry translators who are interested and accept the conditions established by the coordinator are called to participate actively in the project.

The participation in the project has to be based on solidarity and sharing its aspirations. It will be always submitted to an agreement with the coordinator who evaluates the proposals and has the right to reject those proposals that he considers inadequate. 

E-mail contact address:

Albert Lázaro-Tinaut